〒153-0051 Tokyo Meguro-ku Kami-Meguro 1-26-1-2905

If visiting by train:

We’re closest to Nakameguro Station on the Tokyo Metro (or the Toyoko Line). Our offices are located in the apartment tower across from the station. The office entrance faces along the Meguro River. Please ring room number 2905 on the intercom near the entrance.

※The entrance to the right of the 7-11 facing the road is incorrect, so please be aware.

If visiting by car:

There is a parking lot in the basement of the apartment tower. (Fees are 400 yen per hour.) The entrance to the parking lot faces along the Meguro River. Starting from the road in front of the station, please turn left right before the Meguro River and it will be in front of you. Please ring room number 2905 on the intercom near the entrance.

※The parking lot on B2 cannot accommodate large vehicles.
※The road in front of the entrance is one way, so please be aware that you won’t be able to enter it unless approaching from along Komazawa Street.

Staff Profiles

CEO Masahiko Hayashi – Digital Marketing Planner

After I graduated, my first job was at an advertising agency, where I was sales staff. I dealt with newspaper, magazine, and television promotions for foodstuffs, created websites for IT businesses, and gained a wide variety of experience with things like online promotions.

Since starting my own business, as an advertising agency that specializes in the internet, we excel at things particular to that medium, such as email newsletters, affiliate marketing, keyword advertisements, as well as proposing plans for online advertisements, including trial campaigns aimed at new customer acquisition of mail order cosmetics or health food products.
Building off of the knowhow we’ve accumulated through those activities, we established our own online shop, coordinating everything from gathering customers to the site, to managing updates to it, planning and managing various campaigns, taking orders, managing inventory and shipping, and developing a strategy for follow-up emails to our members. We’re currently involved in planning, creating, management and consulting for a variety of online shops.

Not only that, but among the business I’d like to try my hand at in the future is a Sharing Economy (matching service) that will help to make effective use of idle assets, an online video service that will offer a new way to build new skills, and an AI (artificial intelligence) related project that could serve a and autoscript destination.

None of that has been completed as of yet, but by moving forward on projects and businesses like these, I want to provide services that can contribute something important to a lot of people.

I live in Nakameguro and my family consists of my wife and I, our middle school daughter, and one Yorkshire terrier. I enjoy hobbies like tennis and golf, but lately I’ve felt a little out of shape, so I’ve also started walking along the Meguro River. I’m a pretty laid back guy, and like to do things my own way. Work’s pretty much the only thing I get uptight about, lol.

BiographyBorn in 1970.
Graduated from the Tokyo University of Science Engineering School in 1993.
Joined Nihon Keizai Advertising Co., Ltd. in 1993.
Left Nihon Keizai Advertising Co., Ltd. in 2000.
Founded Parkfield in 2000.
Takako Takeuchi – Administration/Accounting
My focus is accounting and administration, and it’s my job to take the various new plans the president comes up with and put them in order. When I joined the company, most of the cases I handled were for internet advertising, but somewhere along the way we wound up starting an online shop, taking orders from partners overseas, and lately even the number of content marketing cases has been going, leading to the scope and breadth of the fields I interact with ballooning to the point where today, I’m creating operation reports for websites.
BiographyBorn in 1975.
Graduated from the Seijo University School of Literature in 1997.
Joined Tokyu Recreation Co., Ltd. in 1993.
Joined Parkfield in 2010.
Minako Hayashi – Online Shop Operations
I’m in charge of managing the online shop for flower essence. The inspiration was when an Ebisu pet shop asked my advice about what could be done for an at the time 10 year old Yorkshire terrier that was deathly afraid of thunder, but since then it’s grown into an international storefront specializing in flower essence and healing goods. I want to keep that same heartwarming store that our customers love going as we move forwards.
BiographyBorn in 1970.
Graduated from the Keisen University School of Humanities in 1993.
Joined the Hazama Corporation in 1993.

Left the Hazama Corporation in 1998.
Joined Parkfield in 2001.