Message from the CEO

As an advertising agency specializing in internet advertisements, Parkfield is a relatively long-established company, having been operating since 2000.

Originally, we started with a publishing service for email newsletters, which were still somewhat rare at the time, but we broadened our scope to include services like operating listing advertisements, SEO strategy, and the creation of landing pages, and for the last five years, we’ve been making sales through our own in house onlien shop. We were then able to take the knowhow we cultivated through that in-house online shop and offer it ot our clients in the form business services like of shop planning, site creation, sales promotion, orders, and shipping, which make up our current focus.

We specialize in creating various automatic scripts, programs which can run independently, and applying them to the management of online shops and websites.

For example, scripts that carry out various site operations based on scenarios formulated in advance, such as a system which publishes a banner advertisement only within a designated period of time, a system which automatically exports customer data from customers acquired through follow-up emails, tools which automatically generate reports for advertising listings, systems which automatically update the quantity in stock and shipping times on an online store, and more, making it possible to greatly reduce the workload on a single human site manager. This makes it possible to create a structure that allows a company to expand in scale in such a way that their current number of employees can still handle the work.

The background that led me to start offering these sorts of services stems from my days working for an advertising agency, needing to devote my effort to crucial things like optimizing advertisement media plans or making creative improvements, but first having to stop and write a report or any number of other more trivial things that nonetheless took a lot of work. This resulted in critical things getting done halfway, and a general quality of work that started to decline as more and more tasks were added to my docket by the day. It was a frustrating experience.

Just as with online shops, the IT world has no shortage of projects that need to get a lot done with a little manpower, and I know that there must be a lot of other people feeling that same frustration I did.

Going forward, through these various projects I hope to continue offering business support to the clients who put their work in our hands, using automatic scripts to implement plans that lead to improvements in those businesses, increasing work efficiency, preventing errors, boosting cost effectiveness, and promoting sales.

Parkfield Co. Ltd.
CEO Masahiko Hayashi